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Agama (Islam) tidak mungkin tegak (jaya) kecuali dengan al-Kitab (Al-Qur'an), al-Mizan (timbangan keadilan) dan al-Hadid (kekuatan besi). Kitab adalah yang memberi petunjuk, sedangkan besilah yang menolongnya. Dengan al-Kitab, tegaklah ilmu dan agama. Dengan al-Mizan hak-hak harta dapat ditunaikan. Dan dengan al-Hadid hukum pidana Islam dapat ditegakkan.(Majmu al-Fatawa : 25/365)

Monday, May 16, 2011


"...And because of this, they said to Ibn Hajar al-Haythami: "Is it allowed for the Muslim to extend his hand when greeting a Christian, so that he could shake it?" He answered: "No, because the Christian will feel at peace when he is shaking your hand. So, it is not allowed for you to extend your hand for him to shake."

...It was narrated to me by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Jordan - our teacher, Muhammad 'Abd ar-Rahman Khalifah: "

I learned the meaning of honor from a story. When I was young, the judge of as-Salt (a town in Jordan) became ill. I was in my sixth year of elementary school, and I decided to go visit him. So, I went and rang the doorbell. He came to the door, and I said to him: "I am the son of 'Abd ar-Rahman Khalifah, and my father has sent me to come visit you." The judge said to me: "Please come in, my son."

So, I entered to find that the heads of the Christian community had all come to visit him because of his illness. There was the priest of the Orthodox Church, and the Latin Church. Anyway, these were two churches in as-Salt. When I entered the room - and I was only a young boy at the time - he said to the head pastor: "Get up and sit over there," and he said to me: "Come, my son, and sit next to me." He then looked to the pastor and said to him: "This is how my religion commands me to behave with you, so, if I come to visit you, then behave with me as your religion commands you."

Muhammad Khalifah then told me: "At that moment, I realized that the Muslim is noble, and that he is the most honorable of people.""

[From a lecture given in a camp on the Afghan-Pakistani border, October 29, 1987]


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