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Agama (Islam) tidak mungkin tegak (jaya) kecuali dengan al-Kitab (Al-Qur'an), al-Mizan (timbangan keadilan) dan al-Hadid (kekuatan besi). Kitab adalah yang memberi petunjuk, sedangkan besilah yang menolongnya. Dengan al-Kitab, tegaklah ilmu dan agama. Dengan al-Mizan hak-hak harta dapat ditunaikan. Dan dengan al-Hadid hukum pidana Islam dapat ditegakkan.(Majmu al-Fatawa : 25/365)

Friday, June 24, 2011


"...Who will derive rulings from the texts? There are no brains that can understand the problems of our times, and can then present solutions to these problems...we took the best youth of our society, and we told them that they were not made for this religion. As for the Shari'ah of Allah, we left it for those who do not have the ability to face society, and do not have the ability to lead and guide the Ummah, and this is another deficiency in tarbiyah. Even when it comes to the calls of the various Islamic groups, the manner of tarbiyah is wrong. They ended up sending their to medical school, another to study engineering, another to study pharmacy...we want a Muslim doctor! We want a Muslim engineer! We want a Muslim pharmacist! However, we do not want a Muslim Faqih!

Look at the youth in the University of Jordan, with their unmatched brains in the schools of engineering and medicine. All day, you have a scalpel with which you open up a stomach and stitch it back up. I said to one of them: "What is your specialty?" He answered: "Childbirth." I said to him: "There is no might nor power except with Allah. You will blind yourself looking at the private parts of women all day while giving birth to them." I said to another one: "What is your specialty?" He said: "The urinary tract." I said to him: "There is no might nor power except with Allah, the High and Mighty."

Yes, it is a must for you to spend your entire life engaged in the necessary and obligatory issues of life. However, who will look in the Book of Allah? Who will derive rulings from it with which to solve the problems of our reality? So, you find that the leadership of the various Islamic groups are not from the scholars. Why not? Because, their brains are not made for leadership! You find that the leader of an Islamic group is either a doctor, or an engineer, or a pharmacist, etc. Such people do not have much knowledge of the Shari'ah. As a result, you find them constantly making mistakes. They have sincerity. However, they did not come across the knowledge of those who came before us. With those who came before us, the best of the society's youth would sit in the mosque and learn the Religion of Allah. For ten years, from sunrise to sunset, he would be sitting in front of his teacher, learning and accepting, while he sees his shaykh sitting in front of him..."

['at-Tarbiyah al-Jihadiyyah wal-Bina''; 4/334-335]

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