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Agama (Islam) tidak mungkin tegak (jaya) kecuali dengan al-Kitab (Al-Qur'an), al-Mizan (timbangan keadilan) dan al-Hadid (kekuatan besi). Kitab adalah yang memberi petunjuk, sedangkan besilah yang menolongnya. Dengan al-Kitab, tegaklah ilmu dan agama. Dengan al-Mizan hak-hak harta dapat ditunaikan. Dan dengan al-Hadid hukum pidana Islam dapat ditegakkan.(Majmu al-Fatawa : 25/365)

Friday, December 30, 2011


"When will they accept you? Either you abandon your faith or they abandon their sin, and this won't happen. If they abandon their sin, this means they become Muslims, and the conflict cools down. And if you abandon your Islam, you have committed shirk. So, the conflict continues:

يَـٰٓأَهۡلَ ٱلۡكِتَـٰبِ هَلۡ تَنقِمُونَ مِنَّآ إِلَّآ أَنۡ ءَامَنَّا بِٱللَّهِ وَمَآ أُنزِلَ إِلَيۡنَا وَمَآ أُنزِلَ مِن قَبۡلُ وَأَنَّ أَكۡثَرَكُمۡ فَـٰسِقُونَ

"...Do you criticize us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us and to those before us, and that most of you are rebellious sinners?"

[al-Ma'idah, 5:59]

So, their sin and our faith is the reason.

So, if you see America or Russia or Britain or the criminals and tyrants in the Islamic world - if you see them pleased with someone, you should doubt this person's Islam and his faith. Understood? This is because Allah has set down a rule that does not change, and this rule says:

وَلَن تَرۡضَىٰ عَنكَ ٱلۡيَہُودُ وَلَا ٱلنَّصَـٰرَىٰ حَتَّىٰ تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَہُمۡ‌ۗ

"And the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way..."

[al-Baqarah, 2:120]

['Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah'; p. 22]

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